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Slugfest 8u Rules

Slugfest Tournament - 8U Coach Pitch Tournament Rules

  1. Nations Baseball Rules apply except where noted differently below.
  2. Infield Dead Ball Rule in effect. Infielder must raise ball overhead, in fair territory (catcher behind the plate is not fair territory), for play to be considered dead.  Runners at that point past the Hash mark will advance to next base. Runners behind hash mark will return to previous base. Play is not dead until an infielder raises the ball over his head in the infield of play. Play may be made on runners at any time unless ball is raised overhead by an infielder in fair territory in the infield.
  3. Runners may advance on overthrows, except to 1st base.  Any overthrow to 1st is a dead ball.  Overthrows to 3rd that end up out of play – each runner advances 1 base.  Overthrows to 2nd, 3rd, or home that remain in play are live balls. 
  4. Field set up: 10ft circle centered 42 feet from home plate. Hash marks half way between bases. Coach-Pitcher must have one foot inside of circle at time of pitch.  There will also be a 15’ arc in front of the plate.  The ball must pass the line in order to be fair.  Any ball within the arc or that lands on the chalk line is considered a foul ball.
  5. Ball is dead if Coach-Pitcher is unintentionally hit by the ball and pitch counts as a strike (or foul if the 3rd strike). Batter must hit again. If Coach-Pitcher intentionally comes into contact with the ball (other than to protect player-pitcher), then batter is out and all base runners return to previous base.  If Coach-Pitcher touches the ball in an attempt to protect the player-pitcher, the ball is dead and that pitch does not count toward the pitch count.  Batter must hit again.  Coach-Pitcher intent is determined at the sole discretion of the umpire. 
  6. Continuous Batting Order is Mandatory with free player substitution, but the batting order must remain the same.
  7. All players must play at least 2 defensive innings, unless the game ends in a Mercy Rule or time expires.
  8. 6 inning game.  1 hour 45 minute time limits. *8U Shootout Rules if regulation game ends in a tie.
  9. Bat Restrictions: Little League Approved Bats only. No Big Barrels. See website for a list of approved bats: 
  10. Mercy Rule: 15 runs after 3 innings. 12 runs after 4 innings. 10 runs after five.
  11. Run limit per inning = 7, except the last inning is unlimited.
  12. Batter may receive up to 7 pitches to get the ball into play or get out. 3 strikes = out.  No called strikes.  No Walks.  Batter is out if batter does not swing or swings and misses on the 7th pitch. If batter fouls off the 7th pitch, the at bat will remain alive until the batter does not swing, swings and misses, or puts the ball into play.
  13. Defensive Player designated as Pitcher is not permitted to leave the Pitcher’s Circle until the ball is hit. 1st offense = warning. 2nd offense = player is to be removed from pitcher for the remainder of that game. One foot inside the circle is considered inside the circle for both player-pitcher and Coach-Pitcher.
  14. No stealing. No lead offs. No bunts. Umpire will call batter out if bunted ball.
  15. Runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit. 1st offense = team warning. 2nd offense = runner is out.
  16. Defense will consist of 10 players, 4 of which must be in the outfield if playing with 10 players.
  17. Pool play consists of 2 games. Pool record will determine seeding.
  18. Bracket seeding will be determined in this order:
    · W-L record
    · Head to Head
    · Highest run differential (Max of 10 per game)
    · Coin Flip

19. Single elimination in bracket play.

20. Any player, Coach, or Fan ejected from the game will NOT be permitted to be present at the team’s next game.  This is non-negotiable. If player, Coach, or Fan is found on premise after being ejected, then that team will be forced to forfeit that game.

*8U Shootout Rules: Hitting team starts inning with the player who was their last out (previous inning) on 2nd base.  Each Batter gets one pitch (such as the 7th pitch in regulation innings) until 3 outs. Home team then bats with same rules. Game continues until inning ends with a winner. This does NOT apply to the Championship game. No time limit for the Championship game.