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Spring 2022 Baseball & Softball

Spring 2022 Baseball & Softball registration is closed for our youth (4-14 year olds) age groups but remains open for our high school (15-18 year olds) age group that start later in May.

Baseball: Register your player for the grade level division your player will play in Spring 2022.  

Softball: Register your daughter per Softball age requirements. 

Youth registration (4-14 year olds) closes February 27 so uniforms can be ordered.  Practices start as soon as the weather breaks in March.  Games start in April and run to the second week of June.

GBSF Day with the Rubber Ducks is July 24, 2022 at Canal Park Stadium @ 2:05 start time.  Purchase discounted tickets in your Spring registration or via this link 

Tickets will be distributed prior to the game from 1:30-2:00 just to the right (North) of the main entrance. 

GBSF Night at the Races - Join us Friday, May 6 starting at 6:00 at the Chenoweth Banquet Center for dinner, open bar, silent auction, racing, and lots of fun!  Purchase tickets as part of registration.

Baseball & T-ball Registration – Age cutoff is April 30   (Encourage to register by grade provided player doesn't exceed max age restriction)

Coach Pitch T-Ball  - Grades preK-1 (Age  4-6, max 6 years old on 4/30/22) - Combined Boys & Girls
Coach Pitch I-League    - Grades 1-2  (Age   7-8, max 8 years old on 4/30/22)
H-League  - Grades 3-4 (Age  9-10, max 10 years old on 4/30/22)
G-League  - Grades 5-6 (Age 11-12, max 12 years old on 4/30/22)
F-League   - Grades 7-8 (Age 13-14, max 14 years old on 4/30/22)
E-League   - Grade 9-12 (Age 15-18, max 18 years old on 4/30/22)
Challenger League (Special Needs) Age 5-21

Softball Registration – Age cutoff is January 1 (Encourage to register by age verses grade.  Younger players may play up a level to stay with grade appropriate classmates, but prohibited in the reverse where the max age is exceeded.)

Coach Pitch T-Ball - Age 4-6 (Grades preK-1 – Register for baseball)
Coach Pitch I-League - Age 7-8  (Grades 1-2, max 8 years old on 1/1/22)
L-League - Age 9-10  (Grades 3-4, max 10 years old on 1/1/22)
M-League - Age 11-12 (Grades 5-6, max 12 years old on 1/1/22)
J-League - Age 13-14 (Grades 7-8, max 14 years old on 1/1/22)
K-League - Age 15-18 (Grades 9-13, max 18 years old on 1/1/22)



Generally speaking, the younger the player, the less activity.  T-Ball age players typically have 2 events per week including 2 practices or 1 practice and 1 game.  These are split between 1 weeknight and 1 weekend.  Schedules are variable and will change based on field availability, team, and weather.  Older players ramp to 3 events per week.  Typically 2 weeknight and 1 weekend.  Multi-sport players are attempted to be grouped together for common scheduling to avoid overlapping practices between baseball/soccer.  This obviously can't be guaranteed, but we do capture this information as part of registration.  Permanent weeknight blocks are also captured during registration for both coaches and players.  Again, not guaranteed, but we do our best to work together to create a schedule that works for everyone.  If you have questions, the baseball and softball commissioners contact info is on the first page of registration.  Select the registration link above.

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